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Buffalo Moon Flutes


Unique Flutes with Native American Tunings

Handcrafted by Keith Glowka




 Buffalo Horn Flutes


Our most popular flute!  These flutes are made from the horns of ranch raised American bison.  They are highly polished and have a buffed wax finish.  These gemshorn style flutes have five fingering holes for producing the basic 6-note Native American flute scale.  Cross fingering patterns can produce many other notes as well.  The key of each instrument is determined by the natural size of the horn.


Our buffalo horn flutes come with a detailed instruction booklet, fleece carrying bag, and a wooden display stand.  Available plain or with crushed turquoise inlay. 



Plain-  $250 plus s&h      With Turquoise Inlay-  $295 plus s&h










Exotic Gemshorn Style Flutes


These flutes are built from exotic horns or horns that have been carved and sculpted.  They have the same type of tuning and fingering configuration as our buffalo horn flutes.  All have a buffed wax finish and come with a detailed instruction booklet and fleece carrying bag.




Springbok Flute


The springbok is another African antelope.  Construction of this flute is similar to our gemsbok flutes, but the horn is much smaller.  This produces a bright sounding instrument which plays in a high key. Approximately 9 inches in length.


$225 plus s&h




The Eagle


Horns from domestic cattle are used to make this beautiful instrument.  The eagle’s head is carved directly into the horn.


$295 plus s&h









These ocarinas are a wooden version of our gemshorn flutes. They have the same tuning and hole configuration.  A small turquoise design decorates the walnut used to construct this instrument.


Our ocarinas are tuned in the key of F# and are approximately 8 inches in length…perfect for the backpack or briefcase!  Instruction booklet and fleece carrying bag included.


$65 plus s&h




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